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10-Team NL Keeper CBS Unique Points-based Scoring Needs Owner, $100 buy-in


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Our league is looking for committed owners to join our soon-to-be 4 year old league. We want someone that won't neglect their roster and will be a friendly member of our community—an active member would be even better.

This is a very unique format, borrowing a bit from the WAR concept. If you have questions, I'd be happy to answer them. I'm not the commish, but I was the first one to appreciate his vision and I've been very active since. A bit like a vice-commissioner.


-10-team, NL only, Top 4 teams based on match-up record make the playoffs.

-Match-ups are periods, two periods per week. Mon-Thurs & Fri-Sun. Each period you will play three other teams. Match-up winner is the higher scorer. Teams will go either 0-3, 1-2, 2-1 or 3-0 each period.

-Scoring is points-based:

Batters: 1pt TB, 1pt RBI, 1pt BB, 1pt HBP, 2pt SB, -1pt CS, -1pt K

Pitchers: 1.5pt IP, 1pt K, -1pt BB/IBB, -1pt HB, -1.5pt ER, 5pt S/HD, -5pt BS

As I said, it's a bit of the WAR concept in that for the most part batters are rewarded for what they do individually and not for their circumstances, with the exception of RBIs. (Note, there are no points for runs scored!) For pitchers, it has touches of FIP/WAR in that W/L/hits allowed aren't counted, but S/HD/BS are added in to give relievers some value.

In the end, scoring for batters and pitchers—and SPs and RPs—is quite balanced and accurately represents WAR tiers.

-Each team can keep up to 6 players. Basically, each keeper is kept by forfeiting the pick in the round he was most recently re-drafted in. The keeper fees aren't included in your league dues since keeping is optional. A kept player costs $5 YR1, $10 YR2 & $15 YR3+

-Pay-outs may be changing a bit this upcoming season, but the gist is most goes to 1st, some to 2nd, and 3rd and 4th split evenly at near break-even. Owners receive a $30 bonuses for rostering the MVP, ROY and/or Cy Young winner.

There is more to our rules, but this is the very basic information. Due to the nature of our scoring, rosters can be built in a myriad of ways that aren't possible in category leagues and the realistic rules make it a very addictive league. Our openings come with rosters stocked with good keeper options and one team available has first overall pick (non-snaking). Rosters will be given out on a first-come basis. I will provide available rosters upon request.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have ANY questions, we are actively looking to lock in our teams early into spring training.

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Here are the three rosters available:


-Keep up to six players

-Number in parenthesis represents the round you forfeit a pick to keep the player, if keeping multiple players from the same round the pick(s) drop down to next round (3 players in 20th translates to 20th, 21st, 22nd)

-Players drafted in minor league rounds (rounds 26-28) with rookie eligibility can be kept for free, as noted

-Cost to keep player is $5 in addition to $100 league dues unless otherwise noted

-25 round draft

-Notable players listed first

-On these rosters I'm omitting players now in the AL and inconsequential NL players added by previous owner in Sept. (e.g. Trevor Brown)

Houston Colt .45s

picks 10 of 10, non-snaking

Andrew McCutchen (1 - $15)

Giancarlo Stanton (2 - $10)

Madison Bumgarner (3 - $15)

Addison Russell (25)

Jeurys Familia (15)

Carlos Martinez (10)

Steven Matz (20)

David Dahl (27 - free)

Yasmany Tomas (9)

Jay Bruce (6)

Justin Bour (20)

Yadier Molina (5)

Joe Panik (13)

Jake Lamb (19)

Trevor Story (20)

Matt Wisler (20)

Sergio Romo (14)

Brett Anderson (20)

Clint Robinson (20)

Chase Anderson (22)

Aaron Nola (20)

Rafael Montero (17)

Carl Edwards (20)

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Chicago White Stockings

picks 1 of 10, non-snaking

Derek Norris (13)

Joey Votto (2)

Lucas Giolito (26 - free)

David Peralta (14)

Hunter Renfroe (28 - free)

Freddie Freeman (4)

Odubel Herrera (12)

Andrew Cashner (16 - $10)

Josh Harrison (20 - $10)

Kolten Wong (10 - $10)

Wilmer Flores (8)

Christian Yelich (9 - $10)

Starling Marte (4)

Marcell Ozuna (3)

Cody Asche (18)

Matt Adams (5)

Albert Almora (20)

Chad Bettis (20)

Jenmar Gomez (20)

Jared Hughes (20)

Casey Janssen (18)

Matt Cain (10)

Adam Conley (20)

Tim Cooney (20)

Justin Nicolino (20)

Jason Grilli (16)

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Pittsburg Pirates

picks 4 of 10, non-snaking

Buster Posey (1)

Jonathan Papelbon (8 - $10)

Hector Rondon (23 - $10)

Yasmani Grandal (13)

Brandon Crawford (17)

Matt Carpenter (12 - $15)

Billy Hamilton (22 - $10)

Tyler Glasnow (26 - free)

Joe Ross (20)

Hector Olivera (27 - free)

Cory Spangenberg (20)

Freddy Galvis (20)

Gregor Blanco (18)

Ryan Howard (19)

Andre Ethier (20)

AJ Peirzynski (20)

Kelby Tomlinson (20)

Enrique Hernandez (20)

Howie Kendrick (5)

Matt Holliday (3)

John Lackey (9)

Michael Wacha (21 - $15)

Justin Grimm (20)

Hunter Strickland (20)

Lance Lynn (7)

Adam Morgan (20)

Jonathon Niese (16)

Brandon Maurer (23)

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One more roster available, this one is stacked:

Philadelphia Phillies
picks 5th of 10 teams each round, (non-snaking)
Paul Goldschmidt (4 - $15)
Gerrit Cole (24)
Jose Fernandez (25)
Nolan Arenado (15)
Kenley Jansen (12 - $10)
Jon Lester (1)
Yasiel Puig (11 - $15)
Marco Gonzales (28 - free)
Jameson Taillon (28 - free)
Miguel Montero (7)
Martin Prado (5)
Eugenio Suarez (20)
Ryan Braun (1)
Derek Dietrich (20)
Jason Werth (8)
Wilin Rosario (10)
Cesar Hernandez (2)
Jonathan Broxton (15)
Kyle Hendricks (5)
Chris Heston (20)
Alex Wood (20)
Carter Capps (20)
Mike Foltynewicz (22)
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