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Hey guys, I would like some people's input on Carpenter....

He had his surgery Tuesday and is expected to miss 3 months.... in my league we dont have a DL spot, but we have reserve spots.....do I hold onto Carpenter and hope when he does come back he could help me out or do you all believe that he is basically a wash for the season.... I would appreciate everyone's input......Thanks

C- I Rodriguez

1ST-N Garciaparra

A A. LaRoche

2ND- I Kinsler

3RD- M Mora

SS- J.J. Hardy

OF'S- A Rios

C N. Lee

M Holliday

U- T Hafner

P- B Webb

A Benitez

A Pettitte

J Beckett

D Willis

S Torres

T Hoffman

C.C. Sabathia

C Carpenter

J Marquis

C R. Young

Cliff Lee

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I assume you use reserve spots to rotate players around?

In that case Carp is just wasting space. His impact for 1 month will be minimal compared to a almost full season of someone else.

As said before....who would you pick up? I wouldn't drop him for Seo

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