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Yikes...looks like you got burned by the trade deadline with Schroder and Lawson.

Well, I'd try to use one of them as trade bait (neither belongs on a roster in an 8 team), even if they pretty much have no value. R-Jax does have more value than Rubio, and I'd like to see if you could get more. Can you take the FG% hit?

Trade #2 is a no for me. Both of those guys are somewhat close in value to Reggie, but in an 8-team, I'd be very reluctant to trade down, since the wire can help easily. Can you ask for Rondo instead?

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Thank you for your input. This pretty much sums it up. I dropped Lawson and Schroder this morning and picked up Fournier and Ellis since I'm short on guards.

I'm in first place by far in FG% (Towns, Durant, Kawhi, Millsap, Vucevic) so I could take the hit with Rubio. No chance I could land Rondo with Reggie since his owner is pretty high on him.

I hate trading down, too. Wondering if my WW pickups make up for the missing steals and assists so I don't have to trade away Reggie. I really like his ROS outlook now that Jennings is gone. Other notable free agents: Russell, Clarkson, Matthews, Mudiay, Collison, LaVine, Goodwin, Smart.

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