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Rhys Hoskins - 1B PHI

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7 hours ago, osb_tensor said:

Okay Barrett, you've done it.. you've convinced me to stash this guy. Consider me a quasibeliever. 


Excellent.  i'm just a supreme believer in this kid, as everything in his pedigree shouts that this is not just an aberration because of the park.  I get the park plays a factor, but he's just hit everywhere.

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3 hours ago, The Big Bat Theory said:

Tommy Joseph isn't playing too badly recently so what happens with the log jam at 1B with all three of these guys for the Phils?  They still don't play DH in the NL for some dumb reason so what do they do with the situation?  Trades?  The outfield blocking Nick Williams and maybe Altherr coming back soon in the process?


Fair question, and I don't have an answer to that.   Joseph has indeed played better, and showed some very good pop in the process. There are a few quality pieces there for sure.  However, these types of situations can, and do, always find a way to work themselves out.  I'm in no rush with Hoskins, and I'm sure the Phils are thinking the same.  Not like they're going to contend in the next year or 2 anyway.

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Hope they both keep raking and Rhys up to AAA soon. Things pan out and the Phils have nice options this time next year (knock wood). Given the team's progress a run at a wildcard isn't out of the question.


Aaaand knock wood again.

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I think the Ruff comp is a lazy one, though I can understand why a guy might go there.


This guy can mash and its not all at his home launching pad, ala his teammate Cozens. He also hits same-handing pitching very well, even better than lefties...which is a huge problem for Cozens (hitting lefties). I think we are looking at a top 25 fantasy prospect here with Rhys and a clear path to 1B at some point next summer if he continues to hit when he reaches AAA.

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3 hours ago, mulhollandvelvet said:

Okay so like what is happening here? Is he a top 30 fantasy prospect? 

For me top 50. His road splits this year look a lot like Aaron Judge last year, same age AA. Not quite as huge, not quite as toolsy and positional minus. I put Judge around thirty and this guy just under. Weird though, I scoop Rhys up all over and Judge never did anything for me. Clearly that's on MrMartyBarrett.?

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This guy continues to be flatly ignored far too often. Looked great in ST and is continuing to mash in AAA. Power and patience galore. Cozens simply is not in this guys company with the bat. Tommy Jo has started slowly and is going to feel the pressure to perform as long as Rhys is ripping it up.

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