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Monroe/Dragic/Teague for his Tobias/RJax/Batum WHIR

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Someone offered this trade deadline deal that would get me Harris, Jackson, and Batum. I'm leaning towards accepting it since it would add more games for me for the playoffs but I want to ask for your thoughts first.

Here's my lineup. Thanks and WHIR as always!

12-team, 9-cat league Yahoo! H2H (No IR spot)

PG: Jeff Teague
SG: Goran Dragic
G: Marcus Smart
SF: Kawhi Leonard
PF: Nerlens Noel
F: DeMarcus Cousins
C: Rudy Gobert
C: Greg Monroe
Util: George Hill

Util: Otto Porter

BN: Gary Harris

BN: Marvin Williams

BN: Josh Richardson (streamer)

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I'd do it, but it's hurting to lose Dragic. You'd also be a bit short on assists, and relying on Batum/Smart/R-Jax/G Hill (Heat's J Rich is a non-factor for me) as your primary passers may not be the smartest thing to do. Is there anyone else you could offer instead of Dragic? Use Hill instead? Otherwise, I'd target other guys than Batum/R-Jax and just punt the cat.

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