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Who should I stream? WHIR 100 %

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Team is in Sig. Starting a 2 week playoff round. Need a streamer spot throughout the week. Planning on dropping Bosh because of his uncertainty.

Here are my choices for Monday.

D. ARTHUR- Plays Mon and Tues.

ROSS -Plays Mon and Tues



M. BEASLEY- can't believe he is an option

M.DUNLEAVY- Butler is returning

PORTIS- Gasol out for at least 2 games

NURKIC- Plays Mon and Tues, looked good.

FRYE- Looked good in his last game.

There are others too. But not worth mentioning.

Thanks for the help.

Leave your link and I will get back to you quickly.

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tbh and strange to say, i feel as though beasley has looked the best out of all the others, and then brewer,and then a toss up between nurkic and arthur, nurkic coming first. however problem is beasley and brewer are on the same team, and so are nurkic and arthur so its tough. beasley better for scoring, and brewer better for other smaller stocks, so depends what you need. and nurkic and arthur, it depends on how jokic does, but nurkic with more upside out of the two,


http://forums.rotoworld.com/index.php?showtopic=584690(already answered, but would really help if you looked at again)

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