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20-Team Dynasty-Salary Cap-Rookie Draft-Contraction Draft. Get In On The Ground Floor!

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Hello All,

As of today I'm looking to fill my newly created Three-Peat Dynasty League!

Three Peat members will participate in the inaugural team selection draft. Each member will select a team, and be forced to make some difficult decisions in order to trim there salary cap below $70m.

Will you select the Cavs and inherit Lebron, Kyrie, Love and be forced to make difficult descions on who to cut to get down from the Cavs $108 million dollar payroll, or will you select an upstart team significantly under the cap like the Portland Trailblazers?

After the initial draft teams will be asked to cut there salaries (if applicable) down to $70m. Teams will be given three free drops that wont count against the cap. After all teams reach $70m or less threshold we will hold a contraction draft.

The contraction draft will consist of three rounds. Players from the 10 unselected teams, as well as free agents will be eligible to be drafted.

Later in the summer a two-round rookie draft will occur.

I'm looking for dedicated fantasy players. This league requires a fair amount of attention, the investment is well worth the level of activity it will bring. If you'd like to join, please read over the rules on our league website. If you think this for you, send me a PM.


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