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23 hours ago, FavreCo said:

The # of 35 and older QBs is at an all time high. 7 in the playoffs. Never before happened. They last 10+ easy now. Other positions don't simply because of the pounding they take. Remember back when you could tackle the QB? Maybe you aren't old enough to remember real NFL football. Back when $ didn't drive the rule changes. We have 2 QBs in 2020 that are over 40. Neither would have been playing at 35 if they played in the era of tackle football. He's benefitting from the era of sissyfied NFL. He can curl up in the fetal position (which he does as did Manning) and not get punished. He can throw the football into the ground and not get a penalty or hit. All those things back in the real NFL, were met with punishing hits. He would have been gone via a broken down body or concussions long ago.

Some idiots want to take it even further now.


Harbaugh added: “This next generation of quarterbacks, it’s going to be just as true if not more true. I think the rules will have to be adjusted to protect those guys in terms of how they’re playing the game, and that will be the next step.”

Just put flags on everyone and we can watch guys play into their 60s.

Not denying he's one of the greatest of all time but he (along with every other QB) now benefits from the rule changes that extended his and everyone elses QB careers. 

A simple google search would tell you the average nfl career lasts 3.3 years. I never said anything about the average qb age. Also, although there isn't a google search for it and it pains me to admit it... I'm probably older than your daddy.

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