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Goldschmidt/Rizzo deal...keep forever league

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I own Goldy. Not in panic mode, but think counting stats could be down this year with Pollock out.

I could get Rizzo + Chapman (I own Miller, 4 x 4 so saves super valuable) for Goldy + ARussell.

So the questions:

How close is Rizzo to Goldy?

Thoughts on Adison Russell? Will he become a big time keeper?

**My current starters would be Dee Gordon, Semien, & TStory. Have Carpenter too if one of the SS flops.


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Any other thoughts? Rizzo just 26, studly lineup. Think this could be great opportunity.

How much of Addison's value is glove? He hits bottom of the lineup.

My keepers:

Bryce, Goldy, Mookie, EE, JoFer, Arrieta, Carrasco, Dee Gordon....so not dying for keepers (Russell).

Any more input would be great. WHIR

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Just FYI the 4 x 4 increases value of closers. We don't use Ks. Our categories are W, S, ERA, & K/BB.

Jansen, Kimbrel, Davis, Chapman...top closers are often kept.

My biggest concern is the value of Russell. Does he become a .275/20/10 SS as early as this year? Or is he overrated (for fantasy)?

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I agree that Rizzo is close to Goldy. The problem here is that Chapman, even with the inflated value in your league, Isn't worth Addison Russell. If you can get them to throw in another decent player go for it. Otherwise NO. As for Russell I think this year we will see more power from him. You ask if he will be a .275/20/10 guy? I say yes. He will hit ,275 easy in the near future. He will probably exceed the 20 HR this year. He had 5 in spring training. You have to remember last season was his first full season of baseball in a couple years because of injuries. Part of his value is inflated for defense as he is a stud but everything I read about the guy talks about his high baseball IQ. He is also in a lineup that puts absolutely no pressure on him to preform. I think this will help him relax. So in long don't do the trade as it stands now.


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