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Arenado for Davis/Yelich - WHIR


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Was just offered to send off Yelich and Wade Davis for Arenado. My current 3B is Moose. My OF is Braun/Yelich/Mazara/Mallex Smith/Pederson and have Brantley coming back soon. My current relievers are Vizcaino/Davis/Britton/Dyson.

My outfield shouldn't take too much of a hit since Brantley will replace Yelich's production nicely.

Is this a slam dunk or am I overthinking it?

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I don't know... it's a Yahoo Pro 20 (I've got 2 20's, 2 50's and a 250) Three years ago I made 2 20's and every year I just reinvest my winnings. Usually I just do a lot of draft research and pay a lot of attention but don't actively engage in trading. Hardly ever do I see offers that make any sense to me so it always throws me off when one is sent to me that does.

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