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Harper/Trout blockbuster WHIR

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I was just offered Mike Trout, Patrick Corbin and Andrew Miller for Harper. The other owner also told me that I can pick any 2 pitchers instead of Corbin/Miller from the following list:

Alex Colome

Garrett Richards

Joe Ross

Vincent Velasquez

Jeremy Jeffress

Jeanmar Gomez

Steven Matz

Carlos Rodon

Luke Gregerson

Yu Darvish

Lance McCullers

Aaron Nola

My pitching is mot bery strong, but I've been doing well using the waiver wire. He also has Gerrit Cole and Carlos Carrasco but says that he won't trade them. I really don't want to trade Harper, but is this deal too good to pass up?

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I'd take Trout + Darvish + McCullers. But it sounds like you've already made up your mind. Lets not forget Trout is still amazing... you really shouldn't be worried about his slow start.


i dont think it has to do with being worried i think its just how high can you sell harper?

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I gave up McCutchen, Xander Bogaerts and Yoenis for Harper last week. I think Trout plus Matz/Joe Ross is a solid deal, but you could always push a hardball deal for THREE of those guys.

Really depends how much your league scores pitching.

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I think Harper's the best player in the game right now. That said, I do think Harper and two of Ross, Richards, and Darvish is a solid deal. Pretty fair, imo. Depends on who you like more between the two. I mean, I like Harper a lot, but I'd probably take something like this.

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two of richards corbin and yu is tempting but i would hold strog for one of cole or carrasco if hes not willing to do it then just roll with harper.

I agree with this. IF the other guy will put in one of his big two, then you take it. Otherwise, pass.

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