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Lost Dee...need 2B...trade Story in keeper?

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We keep 8 forever. I'm loaded on keepers so not sure I NEED to worry about Story in that regard.

Best available on the wire are Chris Owings, Brock Holt, Chase Utley.

I've got Semien on bench.

Would you trade Story for either NWalker or JHarrison? Both are just real solid.

Or ask for more?

So Story/Owings or Holt


Semien/Harrison or Walker

Appreciate any thoughts.


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Is Lowrie out there? Seems like he is just heating up and when he gets hot, he can stay hot for 4-6 weeks.

If not, you need to get more for Story. Maybe the 2B and another upgrade elsewhere.


No he's on someone's bench as well. Would need to trade for him. Thanks for the thoughts.

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you can probably get Harrison for less than Story, and JH is the same player-type as gordon. I wouldn't trade story, the future's looking bright future at Coors, I just lost Gordon and have been thinking about getting harrison, but it depends on your needs

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