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Ronald Acuna - OF ATL

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1 hour ago, mavsfan23 said:

The call up has to be coming soon as he has continued the trend of an ice cold first week or so, and then looking like the best player in whatever league he’s in. 

You know what comes next: completely wrecking whatever hapless league has the misfortune of being the next one up. 

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Acuna homers in his 2nd AAA at bat.    

He's not coming this year most likely. those of you who think this is unfair that he's not in the majors please keep in mind that he's been very aggressively pushed already. Acuna could have been assi

Saw this on the Braves subreddit:   At A+: 6BB%, 32K%, .411BABIP, .191ISO, 135wRC+  At AA: 7BB%, 23K%, .396BABIP, .195ISO, 159wRC+  At AAA: 11BB%, 18K%, .354BABIP, .288ISO, 178wRC+

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3 minutes ago, mavsfan23 said:

I requote for many thanks!!!! Good call brotha 

Can't always believe the Internet, but I was just too excited to not believe it. 

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6 hours ago, tingyangs6 said:

See you guys in the other thread 

lol not if the mods have anything to say about it! 

in all seriousness, really glad this guy is getting the call. no good reason he shouldn't have been up already.. a new era for braves baseball is beginning.

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On 4/22/2018 at 1:14 PM, AJdude said:



I hope he requests a trade and sits out the year.  The Braves are treating him like garbage.

my bad.  Terrible overreaction.  No wonder I'm an A-ball poster.

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