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Trade Arrieta. Keep forever league. WHIR

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I've got a great list of keepers. Can only keep 8. So not really concerned with that aspect. 

Bryce Harper

Paul Goldschmidt 
Mookie Betts
Dee Gordon
Justin Upton 
Edwin Encarnacion 
Jose Fernandez 
Jake Arrieta 
Carlos Carrasco 
Trevor Story
AJ Reed
Jonathan Villar 
I'm considering offering Arrieta for Kluber + JD Martinez. 
We use K/BB, so Kluber actually has advantage over Arrieta.
I've got a black hole at 2B. This will allow me to (in 3 days) move Carpenter to 2B, Valencia to 3B, and JD at OF.
Solid enough value to move Arrieta?
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If you need a 2B upgrade that bad maybe, but who is your 2B ? 


Also in your league sounds like Kluber has a bit extra value, think you could make this move with the K/BB factoring in. 

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