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Ryan Fitzpatrick 2016 Season Outlook

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2 minutes ago, Rolling Thunder said:

Fitz a priority pick up?  Love the offense he's operating in and he's enough of a pro to take full advantage.  For us steamers always on the look out for a legitimate weekly starter, is Fitz a candidate, or does the difficult SOS suggest otherwise? 


those next handful of games are gonna be rough. playoff schedule isn't bad though

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He deserves every penny that he got from the Jets. I actually love watching the guy play because he's fearless. Everyone in the media and, well everywhere, constantly says he can't do this or that, but he still goes out there and plays the game the way it's supposed to be, he takes shots, he scrambles for that extra yard. Yeah he doesn't possess the most raw talent at the position but I love the way he plays and he's definitely under rated. His willingness to take shots down field is great for the fantasy value of both him and his receivers, and his legs and willingness to scramble for extra yards and even take hits, although not the smartest thing for his longevity, keep defenses honest. The latter is huge in spreading the defense out. You can see what happens when the QB can't do that by watching the tape for the Redskins offense on Monday and Cousins refusing to scramble. No one ever open 

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might put in a claim and just roll with fitz ... the jets secondary is terrible and he has a ridiculous supporting cast around him [marshall, decker, forte, enunwa] + rushing yards.


won a league with him years ago on the bills - always loved the fitz. jets front 7 is great, but its not a great overall d so he will be throwing a lot more than i originally anticipated. 


top 10 QB if marshall/decker stay healthy 

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I agree with above....Fitz, for all the silly special credit he gets for going to Harvard (it's mentioned in literally every game), he likes to take risks...he likes to fling it. 


Yes, he's gonna get you some INT's and in non-fantasy football, he can be infuriating bc he throws them at the worst times for real-life games.  But fantasy wise I think it's safe to say he's gonna put up another 30+ TD season here.  It's like the Jets offense just suits him or something has clicked in the last season because he's looked darn good for the last year and a half.


Not saying he's elite, not saying he's even top 10....just saying that if you're screwed at QB for some reason (Romo injury for example) Fitz is a pretty decent fill in.

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3 hours ago, theSPANKER said:

I'm really considering to make a claim for him after Rivers lost Allen.  That offense looks explosive or are the Bills D just that bad because of key missing starters?

Where would we rate Fitz right now?  Top 12-15? 

I think he's a perfect backup for Rivers. Fitz was solid last year, I was starting him over Wilson in the middle of the season, in the right matchups and loving it. Now Forte and Enunwa as extra weapons, might not even need to play matchups as much. I'd pounce.

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As a longtime Jets fan it's crazy seeing a Jets QB recommended for fantasy -- coming off a big year and all the fantasy relevant playmakers we have (again crazy!!) Fitz could be leading what looks like a powerhouse offense. CRAZY!!!


May not be pretty at times but in the end the numbers will be there. He's a good play ROS.

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34 minutes ago, BronXBombers51 said:

Is this dude's job in jeopardy? He's played some tough defenses but it's been real ugly.


Let's just say he's lucky the guy behind him is Geno Smith.


I think Fitzy is about two more bad games away from being benched.  There's no reason to think the guys behind him will be any better.

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Pretty sure I remember on of his INTs being tipped up in the air by Robby Anderson, another being on a play where Brandon Marshall fell down for no reason.


I doubt he's getting benched for GENO anytime soon, because Geno sucks even worse.



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On 2016-09-25 at 9:15 PM, MCW=ROTY said:


Yea, a QB1 that throws 6 PICKS? Did you start him this week? I just want to know your record.

I've started Fitzmagic every week and I'm 3-1 and in second place in my league. 

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