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Is Stanton overrated? Buy in keeper? WHIR

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4 x 4 roto (Use K/BB, not Ks or WHIP)

Currently in 1st place fairly comfortably.  We can keep up to 8, forever.  Could use an OF, so thinking about making a play.  My keeper options:












Chapman and Miller (if traded & closer)- Closers very valuable in this league, 4 x 4 & K/BB.  Elite guys are kept.



As you can see I'm loaded with top options.  So my thought was Dee (guy is desperate for SBs, I have Villar and have been comfortable without him) and either Carrasco & Chapman for Stanton.  


But I started looking into Stanton.  He's not THAT young anymore.  .265 career hitter.  Never hit 40 HRs.  I mean, am I trading for a name?  Is he essentially Chris Davis?  


Thoughts on this type of move.  I think I'm in good shape this year regardless.  Does this greatly improve my keepers, or do I target another player with the same idea?



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I still believe in Stanton and I think you should too in a keep 8 league. His upside alone makes it worth it, and it's a risk worth taking with your other keepers. You're not banking on him to hit .290 with 40 bombs.. 


Help me me out please 


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I think he can be a solid keeper for years to come and gives you a nice OF to compliment your line up and keepers. He's still in a young Mia offense that should continue to grow and get better around him. 

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dee and chapman for stanton, get it done.


he's not gonna bring a big average, but he won't kill you like crush, and he'll produce at a similar or possibly better clip otherwise.

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I would go for Stanton absolutely. His issue last few years has been durability, and the one year he did play a decent number of games he hit 37 bombs.


If you can convert Chapman, Gordon and Carrasco into Mike Stanton, I would definitely do that.

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