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Myles Turner 2016-2017 Season Outlook

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5 hours ago, The Analyst said:

He might be out of gas.


he gassed out towards the end of last season too and didn't have nearly as many minutes. he looks fit but he doesn't seem to have much stamina. hopefully that will come with age.

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52 minutes ago, HarmStrong said:

Best not to touch this guy if PG13 stays in Indy. 

Yup,pg13 and teague both ball-dominate so much,Turner doesn't have the chance to shoot

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34 minutes ago, pdids911 said:

is this guy worth a 3rd round pick in 12 man (picks 25-36)? he seems a little weak to be your 3rd best guy. got him in the 5th last year and it was glorious. 


In 9 cat, yeah but probably not in 8 cat.


Even without Teague and Pg13, one could argue that Oladipo and Collison will dominate the ball - but it's unlikely that he doesn't carve out a larger role than the one he had last year. 


Statistically, I see him having numbers similar to LaMarcus Aldridge last year but tack on ~2 bpg with less points per game.


16 ppg (~50 % fg, 78% ft), 7 rpg, ~2bpg with low TO and maybe half a three per game

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On 7/27/2017 at 0:38 PM, larfboy said:

Myles Turner, Can this kid be drafted 1st round in a 16 team dynasty league startup?


Assuming 9-cat, yes. I rank him in the 12-16 range for dynasty. A lot of the fantasy studs of the last few years have started to decline or will start in the next three years, and Turner is one of the better bets to fill that void.

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