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T.J. Warren 2016-2017 Season Outlook

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4 hours ago, thrilla1nManila said:

guys I think with those two games brings his numbers down. This is your time to buy low for non owners, he's in for a big year!

Yeah, about that.. Think owners will sell low? Not a chance. I paid big bucks for this guy in FAAB and I'm probably going to stick with him until the bitter end

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26 minutes ago, zunderlips27 said:

Out again tonight...

In starting to get worried about it. It doesnt seem to be a classic flu.

Are you worried about his actual well being? Have you had the flu before? Its no fun obviously and if he's puking his guts out I'm sure playing basketball is the last thing on his mind. Not trying to be a dick, I know we all want him to play because he's beasting this year but give the poor guy a week to get healthy.

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15 minutes ago, zunderlips27 said:

I have gone to my work with high fever more than once. 

And yes, in fantasy terms I am worried about a longer absence.


Dont be demagogic.

Going to work with a high fever...desk job? I'm sure that compares to the intensity and physical strain of a 2.5 hour basketball game played at the highest level lol


Your other comment I agree with. It's fantasy ball. We care about our fantasy teams. In addition your original comment wasn't malicious or insensitive at all towards TJ as a person or his well being. Others presuming that it was is silly.

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4 minutes ago, zunderlips27 said:

By the way. Couldnt find any update about TJs status. Did he train today?

Well he's said not have traveled with the team so chances of the team flying him out for one game sounds iffy. My best educated guess would be that the team will wait until Friday when the Suns go back home to play the Timberwolves.

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6 minutes ago, zunderlips27 said:

Jajajajja :P:P:P


Havent I used it correctly? I translated it from spanish but first I checked that it existed in english.

And Yes!!! Trying to make me feel guilty for wanting TJ to be on the court is "demagogic".



nooo no offence meant here! I still have no idea what the word means I just thought it was funny to see in a fantasy bball forum :P

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