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Dwayne Washington 2016 Season Outlook

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6 minutes ago, mulhollandvelvet said:

Well by that logic they would have been running a lot with Washington already seeing as they've had him all of training camp and preseason and would know how 'good' he is. 

That's a good point.  Lions coaching staff, like many, are a cautious bunch.  Rookie RBs are not trusted because they might fumble or run the wrong route or get the QB blowed up by missing a blitzer.  So they had Washington in a reserve role for those reasons, even though he is bigger, faster, and stronger than the guys in front of him.  Now Dwayne's going into the game, despite potential coaching misgivings.  But if he breaks off a bunch of big runs and TDs, he will prove to be a wise move that they made in spite of themselves.

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14 minutes ago, mulhollandvelvet said:

Well by that logic they would have been running a lot with Washington already seeing as they've had him all of training camp and preseason and would know how 'good' he is. 


Caldwell might not even know DWash is on his team ....

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Joique was worked out but NOT signed, although the Lions likely knew that Abdullah was going to IR at the time Bell was working out for them.  Bell at least knows their system and played last year.  So either Bell was out of shape or he looked okay and they are just updating their emergency list.


Zenner being inactive for the first two games is obviously a horrible sign for him, although he at least beat out Steven Ridley for a roster spot.  It seems likely that Zenner will now he active, but back up Washington.

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I would value him no more than Ameer Abdullah. And Abdullah doesn't touch most people's lineup unless you really messed up in the draft 


He's got a crazy 40 though. Can't hurt to stash him and see how he goes for the next couple weeks 



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I just hope this doesn't turn into one of my worst memories of fantasy past....


I remember when Brandon Jackson was the new young rb on the Packers and getting drafted about where Abdullah was going... (I drafted him as the 18th rb off the board)


He went down early-ish in the year and they brought in Deshawn Wynn who scored 2 tds..


Everyone went nuts spending a ton of their free agent money to lock down the Packers starting rb.. (including me who spent an embarrassingly high amount on him since I had Jackson and wanted the starter on the Packers envisioning Ahman Green 2.0)


So Wynn goes out and basically breaks his neck the next week...


So the Packers brought in some third string nobody which people who blew their wad on Wynn the week before couldn't acquire...


That 3rd string nobody was Ryan Grant and he helped many teams that season as the ones who spent all their money on Wynn missed out...


I love Washington's skill set and really hope he doesn't turn into Wynn while people who don't get Washington get Zenner a week or two later and ride him to glory...

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2 minutes ago, yanksman said:

ugh waivers havent even ran in both my leagues yet. Just pointing out some facts to help people make informative decisions.


The facts are that Ameer Abdullah is out for at least 8 weeks, Theo Riddick is not an every down back, and Dwayne Washington is next in line for touches. There is no thinking when it comes to this situation. If your lineup and bench aren't stacked, you pick this guy up now.

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11 minutes ago, Steelers0087 said:

Is this true? 


Possesses rare combination of size and speed. Flashes the juice once he hits it onto second level. Has a rush of 68 yards or more in each of his three seasons despite limited carries. Has enough early wiggle. Has athletic traits that cannot be ignored. Former wide receiver with ability to destroy linebackers matched up on him out of the backfield. Able to threaten the seam as pass catcher.


Long strider. Struggles to make quick, decisive cuts. Poor feel for the right running track on stretch plays. Looks for cutback lanes that arent there. Will run up blockers back and has very little feel between tackles. Scat­back who fails to run to his size. Plagued by fumbles putting ball on the ground 10 times in 227 career carries. Lost starting job this season and missed final three games due to injury. Has struggled to stay healthy during time at Washington.

Draft Projection

Rounds 6 or 7

Bottom Line

Long, leggy scat­back who can hit the turbo in a straight line, but who lacks creativity, ball security and power. Washingtons history of choppy production and injuries make him an NFL long ­shot, but his size, speed and ability to impact a game as a pass catcher should create plenty of intrigue amongst NFL teams who covet traits.
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