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Rate my Team +2 questions WHIR

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12 Team .5ppr

Draft Results (Rnd./pick)


QBs Rivers (7.3), Fitzpatrick (13.3)

RBs  Lacy(3.3), Langford (5.3), Gio (6.10),  DHenry (9.3),  Starks (12.10)

WRs Julio (1.3), KAllen (2.10), Floyd (4.10), MThomas (8.10), Funchess (10.10)

TE Virgil Green (11.3)


How am I looking?


1) Who do I drop for Christine Michael? Starks(cuff) or Funchess? I see too much potential in CMike to leave him out as a FA.


2) Can Virgil Green be a high end TE2 or even low end TE1? 




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For a 12 team this is a good roster from the draft. Youre in good position to be successful. Keep up on FA adds like you are doing with Cmike. I would drop funchess for him


V. Green is a good draft selection, however, not the best in terms of comfort as a starter right Now. The QB situation for Denver isnt so stable, but Green could be a decent play. Even so, Denver is looking to run the ball more, but TE could see good action on passing downs because of this


your QB is a good one for waiting and That allowed for your WR1/WR2 to be strong players


RB should be ok. Lacey should do better this season. I like d. Henry in your depth 


What would you do to improve this roster?


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1. I would probably drop Starks for Cmike, because even if Lacy goes down, I don't see Starks being effective.


2. Unsure about Green. He's available in my league, so I am considering picking him up. He has the athleticism. My guess is Kaep won't picked up by any teams if released, even though the Broncos were interested before. I'd be intrigued if he does though, since Kaep was Green's QB at Nevada.



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Rivers is a serviceable QB, hes a great value at that pick. Lacy went a bit too high, but I do really like him to turn it around this year as he is lighter and faster than ever, I really think he will have a big year. Langford is okay as a starter, but I like the upside of your bench. Gio is solid in PPR and Henry has looked good in preseason.


Julio is obviously a monster, Allen and Floyd should be solid. The Rivers to Allen connection is always great too. I like Thomas' upside, but feel there might have been someone better where you selected him as he is still a toss up. 


You have a solid team all together though. If you can snatch a RB and possibly a TE in the waiver wire as the season progresses, I like your chances.


for the questions:

1) I would drop Starks. Even if Lacy gets hurt, I don't think Starks becomes any more than a low RB2-RB3 anyway. 


2) Green has a lot of upside and could legitimately be a TE1. But as of now, I'm not comfortable with him as my starter. 


Thanks for mine!

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