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WR3/Flex: Fuller.MThomas.Ivory.JCook (whir)


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Team below in sign


Choose my WR3/Flex (PPR)...



WR3: Two rookies - Will Fuller and Michael Thomas - battling it out for the WR3 spot

Flex: Chris Ivory or backup TE, Jared Cook -- who will prove to be a solid TE/Flex play throughout the year

*could also start either rookie WR at Flex 

**or if I wanna get real ballsy, DJ Foster :lol:



Leave a link and I'll return the favor....Good Luck this season!

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17 minutes ago, lugmetric said:

fuller, cook 


hard to see julius thomas and chris ivory (also injured all week) both having good games at the same time, and im guessing you're in a hole w/ demaryius giving you nothing. aim high. 

Demaryius disappointed yes...still bullish on a productive season.


Jacksonville plays Green Bay: Julius Thomas/Ivory vs. Jared Cook...something tells me I'll be disappointed in my decision either way.

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Would anyone go...?


WR3: Will Fuller

Flex: Michael Thomas


Even with believing in both, starting two TEs (Julius Thomas/Jared Cook) would be tough

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