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Jennings. That defense is terrible. Yes, CJ ran all over Carolina. But you have to figure they will stack the box and let Gabbert try to beat them since he has no one to throw to. As far as Chicago goes, they gave up a lot of yards to L.Miller. but that was with 35 attemps. I think Chicago has only given up 8 rushing TDs since the start of last season. Maybe 9. Im a Chicago fan, and I think Philadelphia is going to just throw on them all day.

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Really can't go wrong with either Mathews or Jennings this week. I lean slightly toward Ryan due to the shootout in NO, but again, both have great situations. 


11 minutes ago, BradyForShort said:

Basically who's better for Sunday:


Melvin vs JAX

Abdullah vs TEN

Moncrief vs DEN


(Don't really like any of the matchups.) 


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