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Better pickup: Gore or Sproles?


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Before you laugh, consider that it's PPR and Sproles actually had more touches than Mathews on Monday night. 

Gore was dropped in my league today, and is on waivers. Sproles is a FA.

My roster is below in my sig. I traded Freeman away about 30 mins before game time last Sunday, and then lost Woodhead about 4 hours later. Obviously I need the RB depth. And in FAAB what amount would you drop on Gore? I'm not high on either but I need one of them.


Is Witten the guy to drop in this case?

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13 minutes ago, habslive said:

He's not the most exciting PPR player. But yeah, he was dropped for Winston (against the rams, no less)


Dafuq? This scenario is crazy to me lol.


So yeah, first off, get Gore and his old man strength. FAAB amount is impossible to guess at without knowing anything about the other teams in the league. If it were my league, every single person would be bidding heavy on Gore, and you would need at least 30% to land him (and I doubt that would get it done), so I would prepare to heavy up to grab him. Especially if you start two RB's in that league. In either case, I don't think 5% gets it done, but who knows, this is a league where people are dropping Gore so YMMV.


Also, don't drop Witten. TE is a wasteland this year, he has to have some trade value in your league, doubly so for PPR. Considering you don't own Latavius Murray, I'd drop Washington. I think he only has real value if Murray goes down and even then, he is gonna be in a timeshare. Gore is def. more valuable than that.



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