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Giancarlo Stanton 2017 Outlook

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Where do you guys think he ends up? Gotta be a big market team if they're looking for someone to take on the full contract but I'm not convinced it'll be a team like Yankees like people expect.  Or at least maybe I'm just hoping it's not just gonna be another "the rich getting richer" move to the Dodgers/Yankees/Red Sox etc.


I've seen Phillies/Giants mentioned but I think they're too far away. Possible but boring (and I'm a Phils fan).  IF the Braves could move Kemp's contract somehow in the offseason, I think they'd be a great fit and a darkhorse.  Sizable market, relatively young cheap team that should be taking a major step forward with Albies/Swanson/Acuna knocking on the door. Stanton/Freeman and those 3...they'd have the NL East to themselves in about 3 years.

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Phillies need arms way more than they need bats right now.  As a Phils fan I'd actually be disappointed if they bet the farm on Stanton (who I love, and could legit beat the steroid era record playing half his games at CBP) because it would take all the resources away that they need to field a winning team.  OF is actually a team strength now with Herrera, Altherr, Williams, and now Hoskins all looking like legit MLB options.  But none has a ton of trade value to go get help elsewhere if they give Stanton a massive deal.  I think it's more likely that the Phillies see what they've got with the in-house options for next year and then take a run at Harper if they don't all work out.


SF makes a lot more sense -- Giants OF is a wasteland, but the infield and pitching staff could be competitive.  Problem with Atlanta is the timetable of the young core hitting their prime when Stanton's hitting his 30s and maybe starting to decline.  You want those first couple years of that expensive contract to go toward winning a title, and not risk spending it all to get some mediocre to bad years at the end of it.

I think Arizona would be a good landing spot if they don't sign JDM.  Their time is now, and the competition in that division means they have to build a juggernaut to win.  Goldy's in his prime and the pitching staff is solid, but the OF without JDM isn't going to be good enough to compete in the NL West.  Don't know where they are payroll-wise, but if they're serious about winning, that's the move.

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On 8/16/2017 at 2:58 PM, IDGAFOS said:

Imagine him and Judge in the same lineup?  Part of me wishes the Yankees make a big offer.


It won't take a big offer. Unless the Marlins are planning on eating a sizable portion of that contract. 

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13 minutes ago, Fenamo said:

Best season of his career and all that, but I don't think top five dynasty asset is as crazy as y'all made it.

After Trout it was Betts and Bryant this season. That's worked out real well. No reason you can't make a case for Big Mike at #2 next season. He's just entering his prime at 27. 

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