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Punt AST draft .. thoughts?


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Just wrapped up my draft, with an aggressive AST punt strategy. Drafted in 4th position out of 10. Any thoughts would be swell.


1.4 Kevin Durant

3.4 Karl-Anthony Towns (keeper)

4.7 Kawhi Leonard (keeper)

5.4 Gorgui Dieng

6.7 Trevor Ariza

7.4 Jordan Clarkson

8.7 Robin Lopez

10.1 George Hill

10.7  Nikola Mirotic

11.4 Rondae Hollis-Jefferson

12.1 Jrue Holiday (stash)

12.7 Danny Green

13.4 Dwight Powell

14.7 Gary Harris


I think I might have overdone it slightly on threes and steals, but there really weren't a ton of true bigs in the middle-to-late rounds that I would have been thrilled to swap in. Probably need to poach another big man from someone eventually, but I'd say I got enough out-of-position boards to stay competitive to kick things off. Anything I'm not seeing?

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Your keepers + Durant set you up to pretty much do anything you want. 3 Of my top 10 in rankings is pretty ridiculous. Great picks all the way through for this build.


Can't fault you anywhere. Your bigs are Dieng, Towns, Lopez, which is maybe average for a punt ast build in a 10 team league, but you already stated that.


Great team.

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Thanks for the feedback. Once the wire opens up I'll snag Mozgov as a decent stop-gap and hope Powell doesn't bust immediately. Already eying bigs on non-playoff teams (a couple squads moved a lot of picks last year, so they're genuinely out of it before things even tip off). Adding like a Vucevic or B. Lopez for a pick+player would set me up nicely for the long haul.

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I like it alot. Having KD, Towns, and Kawhi ... arguable 3 top 5 guys, and towns and kawhi being probably the 2 best punt assist options is pure beastmode. I like all the other selections as well but i agree with you that you should have taken one more solid big and one less 3 and steals wing. i know that there aren't that many solid bigs in those rounds though maybe you had no options.


I'm also punting assists - help with mine? 


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