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Tony Snell 2017-17 Season Outlook

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Tony Snell has been quietly having a solid season. If he can get his defense stats up a little and grab a couple more boards  a game, he'll be super valuable. Mini Danny Green? Currently averaging 10ppg-2apg-2rbp-0.8spg-0.2bpg while shooting 57% FG / 2.1 3PTM on 51% 3P / 100% FT and 0.6 TO.


Currently have him in my 20-teamer and couldn't be happier

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Very likely to lose minutes with Bledsoe coming. Yeh he shoots very well and has played a bunch of minutes. But he's just one-dimensional player. Ranked so high currently because of his FT% is 100% - wouldn't help you though with too small volume. 

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For Roto purposes, Snell's got me very intrigued.


His minutes should be safe even with Bledsoe as they need his floor spacing, and being out there so long, I would expect the stl's to keep trickling at a 1.0 - 1.5 per game rate, maybe up the blk rate too?


I expect his shooting to drop a little but stay around 48-50%ish.


But it's the amount of ast he's already accumulated with very little TO's that's interesting, and I'm guessing why he's rated so high at the moment.


Potential ultra-safe 3 & D guy with elite AST/TO ratio?


I'm holding tight unless he starts to lose minutes.

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