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Need to find a SG. Stupid eligibility.


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Did ESPN burning a bunch of dual eligibilities jack up anyone else's roster? I was counting on at least Rondae maintaining SG eligibility, and had hopes for Kawhi and George Hill. No such luck. Anyways, I didn't love any SGs on the wire, so I grabbed Nurk and T. Jones for pure potential, but I'm definitely having trouble filling in lineups now; too many PFs- and SF-only players. 


I'd love to find a move for Mirotic, but I got him late in the draft and I don't immediately see any worthwhile SGs I could nab for him. Just have to hope he earns that starting spot and gains value, maybe.


Any bright ideas, or should I stand pat for now and see if anyone gets SG eligibility back? 

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Sorry, I've got Yahoo and everyone has their old multi-positional eligibilities.  Horford even has PF still, even though I haven't seen him play it for a while.  ESPN's notorious for being really slow to update positions (you'll usually find that complaint in the HC forums), and I think it takes at least a week after a player's been moved to any given position (and played it for at least few games) for ESPN to add that position for the player.


Hill and RHJ, if they don't have SG eligibility now, are probably not going to get it for a while--Hill because he's slated at PG (he needs to be the primary ball handler even more now that Hayward is out), with Hood at SG.  RHJ is gonna be playing next to Bog/Kilpatrick/Foye (likely SGs, as they all shoot, which RHJ doesn't really do), and there's little depth behind RHJ at SF.


Mirotic is so hard to trade because he (as you said) falls in drafts late and he's so inconsistent as a fantasy player.  If you need a SG, I can only imagine that someone like Gary Harris or Courtney Lee might be available at that price point.


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