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Addison Russell 2017 Season Outlook


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Just now, papasmurf said:

Finally HR number 1! That whole Cub lineup has been slumpy to start, so let's hope they get going. He should be right around 100 RBI batting behind those guys.




Bomb and a batflip. Cleared Wrigley entirely. He could legit hit 30 HR

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11 minutes ago, Folarin said:

Has all the makings of a breakout year. Batting 5th in a loaded lineup, top prospect, year 3 jump

Batting 4th today and whenever Zobrist sits, which will be in the ballpark of 30 games or so.

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I like Russell a lot, but looking at their roster he does not jump out as the cleanup hitter at all. It is Maddon though, so I'm sure there's a mathematical explanation for it, or a mathematical reason that the logical cleanup names are hitting elsewhere.  

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On 11/1/2016 at 9:23 PM, taobball said:

He's so clutch. Like there's times where people blame luck and various other factors, but there becomes a point in a young man's life where you just say: that dude has the clutch gene. Hard to say what Addison will be as far as seasonal numbers, and far too early for me to look into it, but that dude has the clutch gene in his bones. 


On pace for 127 RBI after another big game winner.

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