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Quick game of rate the bargain SGs, anyone?


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Useful, mid-to-lower-tier shooting guarding guards seem to be in abundance on the waiver wire (in 10-teamers, at least). Personally, I've got Gary Harris and Danny Green stashed, with Allen Crabbe and Bojan Bogdanovic active .. and there's still a few others I'm eyeballing. Harris should be back within the week, and Green not long after, so anyone up for a quick ratings throwdown of largely available SGs? The contenders and rough order I have them in:


1. Gary Harris

2. Danny Green

3. Josh Richardson

4. Allen Crabbe

5. Sean Kilpatrick

6. Bojan Bogdanovic


Harris should earn himself a boatload of minutes especially with Barton out, Green has the highest upside, followed by Richardson for, again, minutes and opportunity. The last three were kind of a tossup for me. All three are in messy, three-player timeshares. Kilpatrick looks surprisingly useful but is still getting less run than Bojan, who along with Crabbe are getting right around 30 per, though they have less across-the-board production upside. I probably would've swapped Crabbe or Bojan for Kilpatrick by now, but I need to save the add/drop in case things look close on Sunday.


Someone argue with me.



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