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Ivory, Perkins, Tyreek Hill


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With Byes I need a RB2 and a Flex...


Ivory, Perkins, Hill


- After last week I swore I'd NEVER play Chris Ivory again, but I'm desperate and the new OC said he's looking to get the running game going. Just don't trust any of it.

- Stashed Paul Perkins before the bye hoping his role increased. Now here we are and his role is apparently increasing "significantly". Don't know if I should trust it.

- Tyreek Hill has scored a TD in 3 of the last 4 games and is coming off a 5-98-TD game. Foles seems to like him, while throwing a much better deep ball than Alex Smith. Plus Maclin has a banged up groin and has been limited.


This is my line-up for today (16T PPR)...

QB: Cam Newton

WR: Demaryius Thomas

WR: Michael Thomas

WR: Corey Coleman

RB: Duke Johnson


TE: Julius Thomas



(could also go Don Jackson)


Help a brother out!! Leave a link with your question and I'll be sure to help sometime this morning before the games start!!!


Thanks in advance and Good Luck to ALL this week!!

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Yikes. I'd probably go Hill and Perkins, for pretty much exactly the reasons you mentioned above. Perkins/Ivory is tough, but I'd probably go Perkins as the lower ceiling/higher floor option. As an ARob owner I"m also holding out hope new OC in Jax means good things to come, but I'd wait to see it first. 


Thanks for mine

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