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Trade offers for Lowry and Booker WHIR


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I wouldnt settle for Jabari in a Booker trade. Not a lot of upside. Im a Booker fanboy so I advice on keeping him, but if you have to trade, and since he's kind of high on him, Id actually prefer Favors over Aldridge. Not a better time to sell high.

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4 hours ago, new3this said:

Ask for Steph str8 up.  Those 2 for Steph.


If you didn't get Steph or Milsap I wouldn't do it.


It's funny, I actually saw Steph and immediately thought of this trade.  Then I imagined, as a Steph owner, actually receiving this offer.  And I laughed.


I like the PG and Embiid trade, but I think you'd lose by a little bit.  Personally, I do agree with you this should probably be a 1:1 trade, given I can't really see realistic options.  However, I don't see a definitive target for Booker--would not do Jabari or LMA or even Favors (wouldn't want to risk another mysterious back injury).  I'd do Millsap for Lowry myself though.


Congrats on your team btw.  Perhaps finding a suitor for Fraizer would be nice; packaging Booker/Fraizer for one of the guy's higher picks would be a stellar move if you can gauge how much he wants Booker.



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