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Better hold: Dixon or Derrick Henry?

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Though Dixon is shaping up to be the beast he was touted as, it's hard to see him surpassing West on the depth chart without West getting injured as he has been serviceable so far this season. At best, I can expect from the Ravens backfield a committee that involves the two, but that still puts a considerable damper on his fantasy upside. Henry's injury isn't serious, but the Titans are being extra cautious with Murray's injury. I don't hope for Murray's injury, but it seems more likely than Dixon surpassing West. I hold on to Henry for the time being, carefully monitoring Murray's health and Dixon's/West's performance.

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8 hours ago, candygram4mongo said:

Dixon is on the wire. 


Figure his upside is 20 touches a game, 5-6 tds ROS. 


Derrick Henry is a 5-6 pt/game handcuff. Now he's hurt. 

But if Murray gets hurt, he becomes a fantasy savior. 

Could avg 80yds +td a game as starter. 


Would you drop Henry for Dixon?


I could also drop Doyle. I own Fiedorowicz. 

Bibbs could go too, but as Booker owner, that could be foolish. 


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I would drop one of your TEs, neither is a top option and could be replaced on the WW. 


That said, I don't think Dixon will give you any more than what you saw last night. West is playing well, don't see any reason they will cut his PT.


Thank you for replying to my question.

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1 hour ago, Rush2112 said:

Keep Henry Murray is made of glass and he'll get hurt soon enough. 

You and many others have said this all year and look whose missing time first...


People said the same thing two years ago during his career year.

You cant always bank on an injury.


Id roster Dixon. As ive explained, Henry is just a glorified handcuff, a hurt one at that. Unless you own Murray, there is absolutely zero value to him outside of an injury with less than half a season to go. Dixon on the other hand played great, theyve always liked him and at least has an opportunity to overtake th starting job regardless of injuries or not.

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