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Oladipo for Holiday? WHIR


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I would do that.  Oladipo has become a poor man's Devin Booker.  I think it's time to understand that there can be only 1 star guard on a team with Westbrook.   The great James Harden couldn't even shine along side of Westbrook.  WB needs the ball, and he takes away opportunities from his SG except for the 3P.  Oladipo is hovering around the #150 ranking and his poor stocks and poor percentages are not helping him.  Get what you can for Ola before the world figures out what I already know.

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holiday is such a ? on that team- no questioning his talent but he may still need to take family time off and has not had the best health luck himself, on a team that could enter tank mode...

I still think oladipo has major upside and OKC might still figure out how to use him right.




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