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Blockbuster Trade in League. What do you guys think?


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Format: 10 man H2H Points

A massive trade just happened and I'm not sure if it is vetoable or if it is a fair trade.


Team A Receives

Kawhi Leonard

Jonas Valunciunas 

Karl Anthony Towns

Robert Covington


Team B Receives

Andrew Wiggins

N. Vuvecic

Jimmy Butler

Mike Conley


Seems like the team A is getting the better end of the deal and that team A is just selling high.


Feel free to leave a link, thanks.

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Standard yahoo points system


Field Goals Attempted (FGA) -0.45
Field Goals Made (FGM) 1
Free Throws Attempted (FTA) -0.75
Free Throws Made (FTM) 1
3-point Shots Made (3PTM) 3
Points Scored (PTS) 0.5
Total Rebounds (REB) 1.5
Assists (AST) 2.0
Steals (ST) 3
Blocked Shots (BLK) 3
Turnovers (TO) -2
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