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Josh Donaldson 2017 Outlook


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23 hours ago, TheBoatmen said:

Anybody know why he was wearing the shield on his helmet anyways?  I don't remember him injuring his face.


Some guys are just doing as a precaution nowadays, regardless if they ever got hit in the past or not.

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Something particularly ugly happening here. He's let go of his bat at the plate many, many times since coming off the injury.

Ever since the "knee soreness", it's just been a mess. I mean, I know this speculation has been made but surely he's playing hurt? He can't have fallen off the cliff this steeply?

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Yeah. He must be playing hurt. I've been yolo running him out there all season and he's undroppable on ESPN anyway, not that I'd drop him. And no one in my league wants him for anything of value at this point.

Even if I had him in h2h (I don't), you have to wonder if he'd even be worth rostering in the playoffs.

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I don't check this guy very often because I've just been setting/forgetting. But even with this recent slump, he's still slashing .250/.374/.455 on the year, which actually isn't bad considering he generally hits #2 or #3. The injuries are what's really bringing down his value.

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