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Who to Drop for JaMychal Green? WHIR


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4 minutes ago, thrilla1nManila said:

You actually have too much threes. If that is even a thing.  Curry, redick, lou, Ariza etc. you can afford to drop Di miles easy.




Thanks! I forgot to mention it's a head to head points league so 3s dont really matter, i actually didn't realize until you mentioned it haha

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CJ miles for me. He's very injury prone. He literally does this every season where he has an incredible stint of scoring and 3pt shooting that makes you believe he can stay a starter and play heavy minutes but then the other shoe drops and he gets injured. then he gets relegated back to the bench and his production falls and he ends the season pretty much on the ww. I'm not high on Jamychal but if you believe in him, give him a chance.



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