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Eric Thames 2017 Outlook

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11 hours ago, oswald737 said:

This past week, the Brewers have played 5 games. Here are the most common player in each line-up slot:


1 - Villar (4/5)

2 - Thames (4/5)

3 - Braun (3/5)

4.  Shaw (3/5)

5. Santana (3/5)


No other spot in the line-up had a single player bat at the same spot in any of the 5 games. Other key point, the Brewers faced all righties.


Based on the fact that the regular Brewers line-up only has 2 lefties (Shaw and Thames), I suspect Thames gets all of the games against righties. Aguilar may see some games against rigties, but in those cases, Thames plays the OF. Against a lefty alternatively, I suspect you'll see Thames play a fair bit (since 7/9 hitters are already righties), but when the manager wants to give him a day off, it probably comes against a tough lefty.


Basically, I dont't see a likely scenario where the Brewers look to have 8 righties unless Thames looks terrible or Aguilar hits like Ted Williams. I would bet that if Aguilar is stealing time from anyone, its as likely (or perhaps more likely) to be Santana than Thames.


I'd throw Broxton in that bucket too, especially if he ends up hitting at the bottom of the lineup and not 2nd.

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33 minutes ago, wily mo said:

thames-themed article in the mlw journal-sentinel today




talks about where he is and the various adustments he's been going through (schedule, seeing new pitchers, etc). recommend reading the whole thing if you're interested in the subject of thames



Big quote out of that article:


"Getting on base is a big thing for me, and stealing when I get a chance.”


We saw with Wil Myers that the desire to run has a big affect on how often a guy runs, and with the Brewers almost everyone has the green light.  If Thames steals 20 bags, his value shoots way up in my eyes.  I personally wasn't banking on anything over 10.


Also, for any of you expecting Aguilar to be the starting 1B:


Thames has displayed the athleticism that Counsell and his staff expected. He handles himself well around the bag and as a former outfielder, has looked comfortable when playing there, which could open chances for slugging backup Jesús Aguilar to get some starts at first base.


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1 hour ago, JFS179 said:


I'd throw Broxton in that bucket too, especially if he ends up hitting at the bottom of the lineup and not 2nd.

Broxton being a plus defensive CF has more leeway with his hitting than Santana or Thames.. Broxton's only real threat is Brinson. Broxton bombing is a brinson call up i'd wager..

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On 3/30/2017 at 6:46 AM, Chaco Chicken said:

Korea and that would make for an awesome analog if they were AA/AAA stats. Guys don't go 40/40 in AA/AAA really at all and if they come close they are everyday major league players. I don't know where his current ADP rests but he went for $2 and $4 in my local auctions so definitely not proven slugger territory. 


I have to think AA is better competition than Korea. 

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32 minutes ago, soisoisoi said:

surprised there's no chatter here after he didn't get the start today with the rest of the starters


If I had to guess, it's probably because they were facing a lefty (some thought he'd platoon anyway). I see he did enter the game later

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1 hour ago, Red Sox Nation said:


Hitting 2nd between Villar/Braun is just fine by me 


Would much, much prefer he hit in front of the best bat in that lineup.  I don't want him going anywhere but that 2nd spot.

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13 minutes ago, VitorSH said:


Because he doesn't own him


Negative.  He's a bench reserve.  The 2-hole just doesn't seem natural for the type of hitter he is.  But I'm fine with him being sandwiched btwn Villar and Braun.  Whatever works.

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So Big River goes deep for the first time: I think that deserves a bump. Only 29 more to go am I right?  Productive start to the year: I have complete confidence in 550+ PAs, even if we have to deal with this pesky AAAA poser eating away a bit of his 1b time (too harsh?)

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