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Robbie Ray 2017 Outlook

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All 4 walks were in the first 3 innings, he seemed to settle down in the 4th. He was at 92 pitches after 5, then only had to throw 7 pitches in the 6th inning.Overall, I'm encouraged by the start and I think Ray will be much closer to his potential than he was last year.


I'd like to see a 7-inning start with <3 walks from him before I call him more than a SP5.

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12 minutes ago, Deke said:

Anyone else worried about starting him tonight? I could do without 20 earned runs.


Yes. You should probably not start him. Washington has been too hot. Probably starting nobody vs them besides Kershaw.

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43 minutes ago, Deke said:

I'm glad I didn't listen and started him. Solid 6 innings against that offense.


Started him as well. This guy is an absolute strikeout machine. His home park and defense may be on the questionable side but he just flat out misses bats. 

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Of any qualified SP this year, Robbie Ray has allowed the most hard contact (48.2%) and the least soft contact  (10.6%)... that's literally the exact opposite of what you want. That .296 BABIP should be higher.


...but the results have been good. 

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I haven't followed this guy a ton but thinking of trying to buy low after this rough outing... His home/road splits are pretty extreme, which isn't surprising given the home ballpark. Is the thinking that he'll become more serviceable at home once the humidor is in place? Right now he seems like a guy I would rarely ever start at home unless I was just desperate for Ks.

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52 minutes ago, chud12 said:

I feel for it again and picked this guy up... smh

Against DET @ ARI? I think Ray did exactly what you should expect...high ERA, high WHIP, high K's. You need to pick your spots with him, but that K potential is absolutely worth owning. 

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38 minutes ago, osb_tensor said:

So Milwaukee smashes LHP, and while Miller Park isn't quite as bad as chase or Coors, it's not exactly friendly for pitchers..

Ray seems like an easy sit this week, right?


Yeah, I'm not starting him, MIL isn't a joke. Braun is expected back.

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