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Yoan Moncada 2017 Outlook

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Trade Frazier to the Red Sox for Swihart and bring him up or put him at 2b, let him play and learn the pitchers. They botched on trading Quintana, not worth as much as he was in the offseason.

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I do NOT say this lightly, but the White Sox just outrighted Asche to AAA. While they recalled a RP, that move is viewed as shot term. Today, Moncada is out of the lineup for Charlotte. This mirrors almost exactly what happened when Bellinger got recalled.


Could be nothing, but it definitely caused me to raise my eyebrows.

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23 minutes ago, KingJoffrey said:

Anyone worked out when is the first day he can be called up to avoid counting as a year towards arbitration?


I need this guy, last in SBs in 1 league and I have Evan frigging Longoria at 3b.


He should have already passed his service time/ arbitration cut-off some time in mid-May, but his Super Two status will likely mean an All-Star break call-up. 


Unless the fans and local newspapers get restless. Maybe you can put an ad in the local Chicago paper asking fans to start bringing "We Want Moncada" signs to the White Sox games. 

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1 minute ago, ryno1980 said:

I don't think they care what the fans think. 

Just call him in September to face some favorable matchups that build his confidence for next year. 


It would be stupid to rush and risk super 2 status at all, but I think once they get into mid or late-July, they're clear, so may as well call him up then to maximize MLB experience.


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Hasn't been much discussion on Moncada lately. His peripheral #'s look amazing. I feel like the K% is just apart of his game at this point. I see shades of a young Alfonso Soriano in his game. Power/Speed #'s off the charts, but prone to K's. 


From the research I did, I'd assume late June/early July is when we'd expect him up correct?

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He's been struggling since coming back from the DL. I hope he's not hiding a minor injury. 

In his last 10 games he's hitting .139 His overall BA for the season has now dipped below .300 (.291) for the first time this season. 


If he's still hitting like this in a few weeks, he's not getting called up anytime soon. 



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Checking in a week after my last post. In the last ten games he's hitting .162 with 1 HR; 3 SBs; 2 RBIs and 15 SOs. I'd say that the AAA book has been written on Moncada and if he can't figure it out he's not getting a call-up anytime soon. Also his ISO is .159 for the year and I was hoping it would be more around the .180-.190+ range. 


I wish we could get pitch f/x and plate discipline stats on his AAA numbers to see what teams are trying to do with him. Is anyone in here watching the Charlotte Knights games?

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Two things: 


1. Just read an article on MiLB.com that talked about how Moncada's recent struggles were BABIP related. They don't list BABIP on MiLB.com. They said he was still making loud contact, just hitting it right at people. 

2. But what I really want to talk about is how come in all of the discussion on Moncada I've never seen anyone write about his splits vs. lefties? 


So far this season he's hitting .318 vs. righties and .200 vs. lefties (in AAA)

Last year he hit .305 vs. righties and .167 vs. lefties


Maybe he shouldn't switch hit, because whatever he's doing vs. lefties isn't working at all. Color me a little worried about his splits.  

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No buzz about an imminent call up? I remember reading late June seemed likely before the injury but now I don't know. I drafted and have held all long in a 12 team non-keeper so I'd hate to give up on him now but my injuries are stacking up.

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On 6/17/2017 at 3:05 PM, StevieStats said:

Even if gets the call he needs to make contact first to be of any use... 31% K at AA last year, 28% K at AAA this year, he was a windmill for his short stint with Boston last year. 

He's grown his game a lot since the stint with BOS. The game was clearly too big for him then.

I could really care less if he makes a lot of his outs via the K...he can do so many things to contribute to a fantasy team. He will certainly take some lumps when he arrives, but the ceiling in that park and at that position is monstrous.

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