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Alex Wood 2017 Outlook

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9 hours ago, Mickey Donovan said:


Very happy with the start but he didn't go past 5. Had 3 balls on almost every hitter. my only complaint. Far from his best and he still threw 5 shutout innings. Stud

From the Game Day Thread it sounds like he was being squeezed big time by the ump

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He was getting squeezed last night. Whatever changes he's made it's allowed him to really hone in his accuracy. Some of his pitches that paint the corners are just nasty. His ability to hit the corners at the bottom of the zone with his breaking pitches is very impressive. Fingers crossed for good health the rest of the season and I think we're looking at a guy who could legitimately be a top 10 pitcher the rest of the way. 

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Dodgers broadcast (I have nothing to back this up) said they saw a chart last year that Alex Wood had one of the most consistent release points in baseball. The ball was consistently coming out of the same place. I don't know how that's holding up this year, but better mechanics, same release point, sharper curve, harder fastball.. all adds up.


Over the past 30 days he's top 3 in first pitch strike % and chase rate (o-swing %), 11th in swinging strike rate, and 21st in zone contact . He's getting ahead of hitters, burying them with the offspeed stuff, and he's been hard to hit in the strike zone as well. 


Fantasy overlords - please let Alex Wood stay healthy. We've got a high upside sp2 if he is.

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11 minutes ago, bomber0104 said:

hoping its one of those phantom Dodgers DL trips and he only misses one start


They have zero reason to do that, in this case.

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 According to Andy McCullough of the Los Angeles Times, Wood told the Dodgers he could pitch through the issue, so it doesn't appear to be anything overly serious; nonetheless, the Dodgers will err on the side of caution with the young arm and give him some time to recover..




Well there is that. I think that they planned on skipping some of his starts anyway, and what a better way to do it. Manipulate the new 10 DL. Wood hasn't been a full time starter in two years. Had elbow issues last year.

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If it is just one start missed, it's not necessarily a bad thing. It's not like he was going to throw 200 innings. I'm all for pre-emptive rest (as long as they announce it by Monday morning).

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I picked this guy up May 3rd .. i sat him vs the Rockies at their stadium .. 


The K rate, ratios, etc. have been elite. But between the Dodgers 7 man starting rotation, and the low pitch counts, I've gotten a total of 17 innings from Alex Wood in the entire month.


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