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Alex Wood 2017 Outlook

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Looking like a disappointing finish to a fantastic season. Given how well he pitched at 90 mph with the Braves, the fact that he can't do much at 91.5 this year is a bit surprising. He's really only been good when his avg fastball was above the 92.5ish range. He carried my team for a while during injuries, but with a road match-up against the Nats on deck, really tough to trust him. 

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Picked him up in a Roto league, dropped Maeda who I had for cheaper for him and it looked like a great move for a while, but my season was done around that time, so it was more about the future.  He didnt have much appeal when tried to deal him at high point,  hopefully the rough patch was similar to that progress he made as a starter.  

* If you look at where his stats were last year, he started to get tagged 3rd time up and past a certain number of pitches, this year that got better as I assume he learned how to stretch out and maintain a bit as a starter.  


But...sometimes guys have that same issue over the season where maybe he just wasnt in the right place physically to sustain things all the way through September. 

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Efficient & effective so far. Just k'd Zimmerman on three changeups and a curve. But still sitting down around 91.


Holding and keeping everywhere, with next season looking like a watershed. I felt this way about Cueto at 26 and foolishly steered clear. Is he going to build the arm strength to contribute 200 solid innings a year, or is he destined to tease? 

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Is anyone back on board after this start against Washington? I didn't get to see the game but checked his average velocity for the game and it was actually down to the lowest it's been all season (90.7 mph, his second worst was 91.32 mph on 8/18 according to Brooks Baseball). I know velocity isn't everything but I was really hoping to see a little spike for this game, given the great results.

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