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Byron Buxton 2017 Outlook

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4 minutes ago, DConny1 said:

Today so far he hit a 2nd deck bomb and took a couple of awesome sliders from Shaw for balls to take a walk. Would have had the steal at 2nd easily but the ball was put in play down the line and he scored easily.


Last 11 games including today with another AB to go: 13 H, 8R, 8 RBI, 2 HR, 3 SB.



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Personally I think it's going to take A LOT more than this for Buxton to gain back any trust from a majority of the fantasy community.

e.g. Checking the wire, I'd still rather take a flyer on a guy like Corey Spangenberg or Mikie Mahtook. 

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4 hours ago, street sharks said:




It might be time....


Just playing devil's advocate, but how does this compare with the tail end of 2016?  He actually OPS'ed at a higher clip in Sept '16 than he is now in his latest breakout.


Several factors that might reveal that this latest resurgence might be real:

1) September ball could be a mixed bag, he could have been facing weaker competition (good teams resting their best players, minor league call-ups, etc.) which could be why he did so well late last yr

2) His new batting approach coincides with his resurgence

3) The biggest thing: his K's last yr in Sept were still atrocious even with the late uptick in production. A .936 OPS is great, but 35 Ks in 94 ABs shows that it isn't really sustainable. He proved that in April of this yr. 


Factors that this might just be another tantalizing tease and nothing else:

1) He could be just one of those 2nd half ballplayers.  This a thing unfortunately.  Some players hit better in the 1st half and fade in the 2nd half, and vice versa.

2) He's tried different batting approaches before and has come back down to earth after the pitchers adjusted

3) He's still not walking very much which could hinder his true potential


But let's all remember the kid is only 23.  A yr younger than Aaron Judge.  Hopefully, he is indeed putting it all together.  I took a flyer on him as soon as I heard he changed his batting approach. And with Bryce Harper now gone from my lineup (sadface emoji), I'm hoping this is a true breakout for me.  

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Buxton has been on fire recently! I found the article interesting. It explains how molitor helped change his stance and how buxton should see the ball as long as possible before committing to the swing. 


“Well, it’s a lot closer than it used to be,” Molitor said with a laugh. “I think the whole thing — being a little more spread out and lower and trying to see the ball longer and using his hands — is similar. I think our swing paths are a little different, but I see him now trying to start the bat on his shoulder for a little longer.”

Molitor stood still, rested the bat on or near his shoulder, and in a phrase popular among hitting coaches, “let the ball travel,” meaning he would try to see it for as long as possible before committing to a swing.

Decades later, Buxton became one of baseball’s best prospects by relying on exceptional bat speed. “In the minor leagues, they just tell you to go out and play and try to get up here to the big leagues,” Buxton said. “You’re kids. You don’t understand. I just had to figure some stuff out. I had to change some stuff and find a way to put the ball in play.”

Out went the exaggerated leg kick that made Buxton look like a skinny Puckett. In went an inadvertent imitation of “the Molly.” Buxton now takes a wide stance, keeps his feet planted and … waits.

Tuesday, during the Twins’ showdown with Cleveland, Buxton drove in the first run of the game by lining a fastball to left. He has eight hits in his past 17 at-bats. In his past 20 games, he is batting .369.

Sunday, he hit a game-winning single up the middle on a low-and-outside pitch that Buxton’s previous swing would have missed by a foot. “No question,” Molitor said.


Maybe he's making the right adjustments. Strikeouts are down and He seems more patient. I think his walk rate is up less then 1% but it still improvement. 

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Feeling lucky I suppose.  Dropped Dickerson for Buxton in CBS.  Definitely an impulsive lotto ticket feel to this guy.  I think he was slightly full of himself early in his career and is ready to take off now.

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