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Gary Sanchez 2017 Outlook


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Guessing Yanks hope to drag this out to Sept 1 when rosters expand. I don't think it's a certainty that Gary gets his suspension reduced to 3. Maybe Romine gets his reduced to 1 and is served Friday and Gary starts his Saturday.

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27 minutes ago, Baseball Jonze said:

Joe Torre is still on the Yankee payroll.

Sanchez should at least get as much as Cabrera. Miguel started it sure and gets 7 games, but Sanchez wasn't involved, comes off the bench and cheap shotting players. He'll get his next season - and you can blame Torre for it.

I love what Sanchez has done for me, but I can't disagree with this one bit.  What he did was pathetic and he's nothing but a coward (a fantasy superstar that I will have on my team forever coward), and he somehow got basically half of what Cabrera got.  He should have gotten 6 at the very least if they were going to be so lenient on everyone involved, but oh well.


At the end of the day though, all that really matters if what any of this does for my fantasy team, and in that regard this is a semi-bright day all things considered.

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9 hours ago, ryno1980 said:

Wish he'd have just sat for the for games and got out of the way. Not winning any appeal.

They almost always appeal no matter what.


I know this would hurt weekly leagues, but I almost want him to drop his appeal since they will be playing a doubleheader tomorrow.  He could still play in both games, but it's one way to get it out of the way quicker for daily leagues.

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