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Add Dixon or Farrow?


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Non PPR league


who should i make my # 1 priority?


Dixon or Farrow?


My team:

QB - Big Ben

RB - D. Martin, T. Coleman

WR - Evans, Cooper

TE - G. Olsen

WR/RB/TE - B. Cooks

Bench - Mariota, Dion Lewis, M. Mitchell, T. Hill, L. Green, D. Booker

IR - Peterson

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Most will say Dixon, I will say Farrow.


Eagles their last 2 games (Cincy, Redskins) have done a fantastic job containing the run. I expect Flacco to air it out all over them.


Farrow is going against a team that is bad against the run. Phill will also be sure to dup off to Farrow at least 5 times



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whats the news on gordon is he out next week?  Last i saw he was getting an MRI and still unknown?  If its still up in the air go dixon and dont take a chance.  if he is ruled out id go with Farrow for same reason as above.



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