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Michael Conforto 2017 Outlook

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Just now, Gandalfthecat said:

No way the NY media can allow Collins to sit Conforto while he's playing this way. 

It's tantamount to wanting to lose. 

Throw in the fact that the team is struggling and he and Sandy have not seen eye to eye in the last few weeks, TC is gonna put the team out there that will keep him from getting fired.

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Why would Conforto hit the bench? Bruce has been playing first base. Duda/Granderson are going to lose the starts  here. bruce will be eligible at 1B in ESPN pretty soon. 


Tomas and Conforto are available in too many leagues

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They need to Get rid of Duda or Granderson ASAP


Both guys are unrestricted free agents after this season. These guys should not be blocking your young promising hitter at this point. 

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The Mets TV broadcast team just shared their belief that Conforto is in the starting lineup for good now.  He's basically their second best hitter after a healthy Cespedes.  Everyone can see that, and the Mets fans and media want him playing just as much as fantasy nerds do.

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