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Jackie Bradley Jr. 2017 Outlook


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21 hours ago, DJSatane said:

He has been good value for a 3rd or 4th of, but now he has left thumb issue after bad slide, going on dl but no clear mri results or timetable yet...

Farell said the thumb would be wrapped up to keep it immobile for the first 7 days and then they will see.  Unlikely he will be back after the minimum 10 days if that is the case I'd imagine.

And with trading for Rajai Davis and Andrew Benintendi's natural position being CF so he is moved over to play there now, probably not a rush to bring him back other than in time to get a couple of weeks in to get some ABs in before the playoffs.  So my out of nowhere guess is maybe 2 to 3 weeks because why not guess that.

Rajai Davis could well have been picked up without JBJ's injury.  They needed speed off the bench for pinch running situations.  So not saying he was picked up because of JBJ's injury.  Don't want to give the wrong impression.  Just that he is even more of an important pick-up now with the injury added in.

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