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Jameson Taillon 2017 Outlook


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30 minutes ago, CFN said:

Well, that couldn't have gone much better.


Atta boy Jameson

Did they ever hear back about the test results? Prpbably keeping it private, but hopefully all thumbs up. Still a risk it returns I guess, but out of our control.

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3 hours ago, SpecialFNK said:

Taillon will start tomorrow. the game is in Pittsburgh, but it's against Colorado.


I know they are still good outside of Colorado, but it's still a good thing that it's at home and I'm still starting him.  Plus, PNC is considered a pitcher's park.

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9 minutes ago, SpecialFNK said:

I wasn't expecting 5 IP, 8 H, 4 ER.

Neither way I, especially against most of the Cubs' bench.  Really disappointed.


I watched the game, and while he obviously didn't have it, they also hit some good pitches.  Also, the fourth run should have never happened.  The double by Baez should have been caught by Polanco, but he was too afraid to run into the wall after hurting his ankle a little while back.  He pulled up somewhat instead of running all out and making the catch.


I'm still holding on to him, and it will be interesting to see if he bounces back against the Cardinals.  He should.

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1 hour ago, Csiebert5 said:

Seems like he can never get through 6 innings for the QS. Probably worth a drop If you play in QS league. 

Keep the faith.  2 of next 3 vs Giants and Padres.  Those 2 listless loser teams will get shutdown for 6+ from Jameson.  

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Before people go and drop Taillon because his stats look horrible tonight, he should have only given up 2 runs in the first 3 innings.  Bell airmailed an easy throw to second into the outfield in the 2nd to allow an extra run to score, and he should have gotten out of the 3rd inning with only 1 more run if they had an actual OF playing RF.  He couldn't get to a fairly routine flyball, which should have only ended up being a sac-fly and out #2, and then he got Pence out after an intentional walk.b


And now Bell can't even get in front of a ground ball, albeit a hard hit one.  Osuna lets a ball go through his legs off the wall.  Don't get me wrong, Taillon is now officially pitching like crap, but even on hits the fielders are screwing up.


That was officially a disaster of a start all around, to state the obvious.

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