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Anthony Rizzo 2017 Outlook

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38 minutes ago, lipitorkid said:

He gets HBP a lot anyways, just pray it's not to the hand or wrist. 


SD might want to be careful w/ retaliation.  They've got a certain player by the name of Myers who has brittle bones and a long history of wrist injury.  


Rizzo took a triple digit Chapman heater off his wrist a few months ago.  Just sayin.

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I don't think it was an egregiously bad play by Rizzo. I thought Hedges did give him a little bit of a path to slide but who knows what Rizzo saw in that split second and it's not like he Albert Belle'd him. 



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lol if he did that to me or my teammate I'd rush him and probably crack him in the jaw


6 foot 3 240


im an inch taller and only 10 pounds lighter. I'd level him if he did that to me lmao

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3 minutes ago, El Guapo said:



I know I shouldn't complain, but I still will. 

It's working so I doubt he moves down anytime soon. 


Wonder what the asking price is on Lorenzo Cain?

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