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QB - Stafford

RB - Montgomery

RB - Collins

WR - Baldwin

WR - Shepard

TE - Wilson

Flex - Coates

D/ST - Seattle

K - Gould


The Montgomery pick over Zeke was strictly because I like GB over Dallas so I'm thinking I could get more games out of him as opposed to a potential 1 and done from Zeke.  Obviously it's a gamble but this whole format makes any pick a risk.  I was also hoping that Adams might make it back to me which didn't happen. If nothing else I was hoping to get someone out of the Adams, AB, Edelman, Blount bunch and they went with 4 of the 6 picks in between my picks so I had to pivot to another team I like in Seattle.


Obviously all my eggs are pretty much in the Seattle basket with Collins, Baldwin, Wilson and Seattle D.  So I probably need Seattle to make the super bowl for a realistic shot at winning.  I like their chances to get there and everything else seemed to be gone from the AFC side on teams that I liked so that kind of became my strategy.  All in baby!  If GB happens to lose to the Giants, hopefully they can go further with Shepard and Gould on my team.  Stafford was picked only because I thought he was the best of what was left.  Coates, if healthy, maybe catches a few long passes but I don't have a lot of faith in him.  I was really hoping for Tye or Jesse James in the last round but with them gone, I was back to the Seattle well. 


There's definitely some different strategy that goes into this playoff format and i'm interested in how it plays out.  Thanks for letting me join as an alternate!


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Once I saw where I was picking I knew the top QBs would be gone, so I built my team accordingly.


QB...There were 6 QBs I wanted and all were gone by my pick. That left Stafford, Eli, Smith and the 3 mutts. I waited as long as I could and was able to get Smith who I'm hoping might give me 2 games.


RB...My obvious strength with 2 guys who could be in the SB. I knew I wanted to fill RB early because after the first 7 or 8 it fell off a cliff. Waiting on RB got you guys who might get you 2 or 3 points if they even played.


WR...With the top guys gone I was able to at least grab 2 guys who play each other ensuring I get one through to week 2.


F...By this time RB was a wasteland and the WRS were either deep backups on good teams or guys likely to only play one game so I went Stills for upside and because he's been hot lately. Hoping for a one game explosion.


TE...Went in conceding TE because I don't like many to do much, and you need to concede something in these setups. Sims has had decent games lately.


K&Def...Two key spots where I wanted to use fairly early picks because these spots are tons more valuable in this format than regular season head to head. I was able to get one of my top three in each spot and hopefully get at least two if not three games from the Steelers.

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5 minutes ago, mrblonde1984 said:


I think he'll actually get you more than Tannehill would have, so Tanny being hurt prob helps you a little.


I agree, Packdog just scared me a little saying Tannehill might actually have a chance to play, but apparently he won't practice and Moore is officially in !

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QB   Dak Prescott

RB   Devonta Freeman

RB   James White

WR  Deandre Hopkins

WR  Jeremy Maclin

FL    Randall Cobb

TE    Austin Hooper

D      ATL

K      Franks



I mainly targetted guys i thought would have a good chance of playing more then 1 game. My choices ended up being a little spread out, so i really havent bought into any team, cause honestly im not so sure! I really think the NFC in general is a toss up. AFC theres obviously a few favorites, but i also wanted a few guys playing early. Overall im mainly pleased with the outcome, my hope is to be at least accumulating points every week. But someone who bought into the right team may have my number.

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I do think im a little off GB as much as the rest of you. But the wild card to super bowl factor is huge. I just think ATL has a powerful offense that could match GB in a shootout, and dallas plays a ball control type of game, keeping GBs offense off the field, which maybe be there best defense. GBs secondary is horrible so i dont doubt anyone could consistently score

In AFC the steelers are really the only team that could run the table to me, but im much bigger fans of KC and NE, as most of you are im sure. Hoping that the texans can overcome the raiders and i can at least get two games out of them. But im happy to at least have a few peices out of NE and KC.

Gonna feels pretty straight forward but..

Championship prediction:


NE vs KC

Super bowl:


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Well now that the last two picks are certain positions, the other WR I was considering over Allison was DeVante Parker in addition to Marvin Jones Jr.  But for the same reason, already having Landry I did not want to be guaranteed to lose 2 WRs in one game if either of those teams lose.

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when i set my rankings, this is how i thought it  would go:

WC Weekend:

Seattle, Packers, Steelers, Houston survive WC weekend.


Divisional Round:

Seattle upsets ATL

GB upsets Cowboys (this would be nuts to see both road teams pull this off, but i think they can)



Im really torn on Kc vs PITT,  I'm going Pitt winning that match though in a close one.

Pats will destroy Houston



GB over Seattle



Pats over Steelers


Patriots over Pack in the SB

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QB - Tom Brady

RB - DeAndre Washington

RB - Alfred Blue

WR - Golden Tate

WR - Landry Jones

FL - Geronimo Allison

TE - Travis Kelce

K - Dan Bailey

DST - Kansas City


I will keep this short and sweet as I've never been one to give the type of analysis you all provide (see most of my past on various forum season long leagues).  I pretty much knew with #2 I was going QB, but thought it would be ARod.  I wanted the hottest player from the hottest team, but that's just the way it goes.  While I lose the WC weekend, I was going to take the most important person from the team I believe will rep the AFC in the SB.  As stated above, the only downside with QB that early in the round is a definite downgrade at positional players.  I took Kelce next because I think he is the best TE in the playoffs and should give me at least 1-2 great games.  My biggest mistake came with my third pick.  Honestly have no idea what in the hell I was thinking talking Tate.  I think I panicked at not having a #1 from one of them teams who could make a deep run, so I just took a team #1 lol.  Hindsight is 20/20, but I probably would have preferred to have taken a Rawls or Ware there and then settled for secondary receiving options on a team with a better chance for a run.  I was actually really happy to get Landry next, but I do have the thought of losing both starting receivers right away staring me in the face.  I knew I needed a RB and had Washington/Collins/Zenner all on my board.  If I was only getting one game out of Zenner, didn't want it to be in Seattle.  Collins is probably who I should have taken, but being from the Bay Area I do have some hope left for the Raiders to at least get one, and they'll have to rely on the run.  With the run on defenses and kickers it made Bailey and KC pretty easy choices with what was left, Blue came out of the trash of remaining RB options to at least give me some possible points in the divisional round, and Allison is my definite WC.  Hope he carves something out with or without Cobb, and at least should get me something for a few games.


Overall, didn't really seem to focus too much on one team, would probably like to see NE/KC in the AFC at least.  I don't think I stand too much of a chance unless people who focused on certain teams lose those guys right away.  


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QB   Moore

RB   Jennings

RB   Zenner

WR  A Brown

WR  Edelman

FL    Gabriel

TE    Green

D      DET

K      Prater


When 6 of 8 first picks were QBs, I decided to abandon that position and focus on filling wr/rb's, ideally targeting NE and PIT for 3 games each, avoiding nfc like the plague. That lasted a total of 3 picks, but I like those first 3 picks of Brown, Edelman and Green. 


At r5-6 I decided to let Predator pick between Cook and Moore, and finish filling out rb/flex, because while I was assured one of the bottom QBs I wanted to try and squeeze points out of as many other slots as possible. I also planned to go Def and kicker early, but again the weird 12/13 pick spot messed me up.. r3-4 felt way too early, and by r5-6 all my targeted def/kickers were gone, so I again felt I needed points out of the last rb and flex. Zenner and Gabriel I ~hope~ will each get 2 games.


I guess now I am rooting for a PIT v DET superbowl, lol? 12th was a tough spot, the drop off from r1-2 to r3-4 felt huge. But I also really enjoyed this format and the challenge. I don't have regret picks, but I also don't have terribly high hopes for my rb committee... or defense/kicker... or QB for that matter....


GL everyone!

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Just now, mrblonde1984 said:

I think I speak for everyone when I say we need Scuppers in a league with us next year. Great post!

she had six this year, two of which were money leagues. she's fairly experienced and has been playing for just a few years less than me. she was in an espn board one for like 3-4 years that slowly became a partial family league for me as i brought her and my brothers in as replacements over the years. i am sure she would like to play in one with the folks here

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