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Fransisco Liriano 2017 Outlook


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12 hours ago, handyandy86 said:


Apparently when Gibbons was asked about it earlier today he said something about "I don't want to get into certain pitchers having to have certain catchers, everyone should be able to work with any catcher." 


Well obviously in a perfect world that's true, but if you know for a fact it has a huge affect for Liriano it's just irresponsible to ignore it. There are lots of "good" pitchers that have personal catchers (including Dickey for years for Gibby), so it isn't that unusual.  This loss is on Gibbons for me, just pure ignorance. 

Hopefully an astute reporter followed up that Gibbons comment by asking Gibbons if he was an idiot.

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This is probably one of the worst pitching weeks I've ever had in fantasy baseball.  Kluber, Cueto, Hamels and Liriano absolutely destroyed any chance I may have had at a win this week.  Dreadful way to start the season. 

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28 minutes ago, rrrich46 said:

Oh you mean getting demolished then tossing a gem? Just another ride on the Liriano roller coaster is all...


More particularly having zero control and melting down after walking the ballpark and then striking out everyone he faces the next time.  I don't even own him but I'm still residually frustrated!

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25 minutes ago, yankeefan2116 said:

Anyone want to make me feel better about throwing him out there vs Boston.

Sure.  He only has a couple wins in his 12 year career in starts immediately following Easter so I guess you could say he's due. 

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im facing a team with a poor pitching staff, thought if nothing else i would get a solid k/9 and the ERA wouldn't lose me the week. 


gonna set my alarm for 430am or whenever yahoo allows drops after a player plays in a game. cant wait.

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2 hours ago, dele said:

Dumpster fire. Drop time. Mad at myself for holding out hope.


No Russell Martin. I've never seen a specific catcher have such a profound effect on a pitcher, but check out his splits with and without Martin. I'm holding and benching till Martin returns.

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